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Pendomer lies on the Somerset/Dorset border about 5 miles south west of Yeovil.  This has always been a farming community and even though many of the residents now follow other occupations, the farms (Abbot’s Hill, Bryants, Lower Penhill, Parsonage and Pen Hill) still provide the foundation of village life.  The countryside here is hilly and heavily wooded and provides good grazing for the beef cattle that, for economic reasons, have supplanted the dairy herds of former years. The centre of the village lies in a glorious tranquil spot at the end of a narrow no-through road that, with its pot-holes and muddy verges, discourages all but the most determined visitors.   The remainder of the parish is served by an equally decrepit road that wanders across the crumbling railway bridge and away over Abbot’s Hill towards Halstock, our gateway to Dorset. When it snows hard in winter the inhabitants can remain cut off for days after normal life has returned to the neighbouring villages - not that anybody minds!  Some families have lived here for generations and this generates an enormous sense of continuity with the past, but Pendomer is not the sort of place to which people have retired for a quiet life - this is an active working community of all ages. Our few visitors are usually passing through on one of the footpaths or heading for the little 14th century church, described by C Day Lewis in his poem “Seen from the Train”, that still attracts a regular congregation and stands as a witness to the Christian values that have prevailed here through the ages.


On this website we aim to bring together a range of information about Pendomer past, present and future.  This “Home” page sets the scene by describing the village as it is today.  “History” leads to an exploration of Pendomer’s past and is a portal to census returns from 1841 to 1911.  “Church” leads to more information on the parish church of St Roch, its history (including monument and parish register transcripts) and its current life. Activities of local interest are listed under “Events”. The “Gallery” pages exhibit pictures from 1875 to the present day.  Finally, “Find Us” provides a location map and our email address.  Please get in touch if you have pictures, maps, stories or information to add.